Generations Celebrations

80 years and older

Holy Trinity

Greek Orthodox Church

Lewiston, ME

26 February 2017

Our Church Family

Our Leaders, Our Anchors

Our Guides, Our Archons

If you ask what we love and cherish about you,

Don't ask how many times we were told to sit still,

Don't ask how often we strayed from the fold,

Don't ask how often we disagreed, and won and lost,

Ask instead of the number of spanakopittes, baklavades,

and koulourakia you baked for us,

Ask instead of the times you brought us to church,

Ask instead how you shepherd us down the center aisle – to receive communion,

- how you teach us to dance

Ask instead how by example, you teach us to love God, and to love one another.

This is what we love and cherish about you:

Our Leaders, Our Anchors,

Our Guides – Our Archons.

Through your wisdom and experience, you show us Love!

For this we thank you and love you!

Athanasia (Soula) Andoniades

Harry & Julia Angelides

Rebecca (Becky) Frangis

Michael Grimanes

Vasiliki (Bessie) Hildreth

Christos Karagiannes

John Karahalios

Noreen (Rose) Kesaris

Mary Kotsifas-Field

Anna LaRocca

Florentia Mendros

Dorothy (Dottie) Moskovis

Antoinette (Toni) Orestis

Alexander Pitarys

Nathalie Prouchinsky

Mary Taxiarchis

We, the Parishioners, ask for your forgiveness, especially on this Forgiveness Sunday.  We wish you many years.  May God Grant you good strength for the coming Lent.  With love in Christ,

Fr. Peter & Presvytera Anthe