The Mystery of the Christmas Star

The Orthodox of Maine are invited to a private showing of “Mystery of the Christmas Star” on Saturday, December 10 at 1:30 P.M. at the M.F. Jordan Planetarium, University of Maine Orono.

What joy in our coming together to witness this mystery of the Bethlehem Star! 

We are blessed to have this opportunity to take a trip together to the University of Maine at Orono for a special viewing of the Christmas Star at the planetarium.  We are grateful to Ray Goulet, assistant director at the planetarium, for reserving the planetarium and putting on a special show for us.

The plan is to attend the presentation with the folks from St. Demetrios (Saco), St. George (Bangor), Our Savior (OCA) church in Old Town/Bangor, and Eleni Margaronis who is in Farmington is spreading the word in the Farmington area.  Please each of you spread the word to friends and family.

Following the viewing, we will enjoy a meal and will socialize at Orono House of Pizza followed by Vespers at St George Greek Orthodox Church in Bangor.  It has been suggested.  The cost for the planetarium show is $3.50 per person.

Please check the following links for more information.  Let us know by December 4. Take care.

With love in Christ,

Pres. Anthe

Jaye Goulet

If any of you would like to explore the idea of including an all ages “play” experience at the Orono Trampoline Park along with the planetarium show, here is the link:

Mystery of the Christmas Star

Journey back 2000 years to Bethlehem as we seek to discover a scientific explanation for the Star the wise men followed to find the baby Jesus. Investigate possible dates for the birth of Christ and look at recorded sightings of significant historical and astronomical events during this timeframe. We’ll explore scientific explanations for celestial objects that could have been remarkable enough to cause the wise men to travel across the desert from Babylon to Bethlehem just to see a newborn King. Regardless of what the star was, the message of Peace on Earth and goodwill to all still rings true today!