2017 House Blessing Form


The Feast of Holy Theophany (January 6th) is one of the many joyous Holy Days in the Orthodox Church. The Holy Theophany commemorates the Baptism of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in the waters of the Jordan River. Woven within the traditions of the Orthodox celebration of the Feast is the blessing of the homes of the faithful. The purpose of blessing homes is to show our acceptance of God’s sanctification and to reveal the home as what it was created by God to be: a way to His Kingdom.  It also shows that the “church in the home,” the family, is a reflection of the Church. By blessing the home, we consecrate it and all activities therein to God.

This year Father will be blessing homes beginning on January 7th.  Listed below are the days and times Father will be able to bless your home. Please complete the form below and return it to the Church Office or to Father personally no later than January 8th.  Please be flexible with your schedule on that day. You will be notified a day or two before the approximate time of Father’s visit. If you are unable to be home for Father’s visit because of conflicts or illness, please call (207) 740-8047 to reschedule.

When Father Peter comes to your home, the following should be observed:

1.  Have as many family members there as possible.

2.  Set a place either in the dining room or kitchen with the following items:

A. An Icon

B. A medium sized bowl with water filled a quarter of the way.

C. A white dish towel

D. A candle

E. Incense (optional)

3.  Print the first names of all family members on a sheet of paper.

4.  Please remember that since Father will be making many visitations, a social visit may not always be possible at this time.

5.  Please turn on all lights in the rooms to be blessed.

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